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Hippo Paradise


Situated on the banks of Lake Kariba

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Hippo Paradise which is situated on the bank of Lake Kariba at the mouth of Rifa River boasts of it’s exclusive wildlife and rare fauna, not to mention the breathe taking views of water and mountains. Situated in the CHARARA National Park this place holds fortress to a vast species of birds such as the uncommon to the human eye Horn Bill and the Marabou stork.  As its name suggests, Hippo Paradise is home to a large family of Hippos that are found close to the banks of the river and lake.

Rifa River being the main river surrounding Hippo Paradise allows people to fish either along the banks or on a boat, enabling you to enjoy the nature in that area consisting of fish eagles , hippos,  and many other animals that occasionally visit such as the elephant, Buffalo, lion and not forgetting the famous African Crocodile or in Tonga known as Sthale the river train,  which shares the banks of the river with the Hippos.